Friday, September 21, 2012

Witch Doctor Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build - Witch Doctor (Vol'jin)

Witch Doctor simple hero to use and contain best skill combo that can kill enemies. He can easily kills any hero at early game but need some support. Low HP and weak against invisible heroes (example Rikimaru) and STR heroes. Witch Doctor have best stun skill which will bounce to nearest heroes or creeps. This skill help a lot in the middle of the battles. Vol'jin can be supporter, killer or pusher.

Skill Build
  1. Paralyzing casks
  2. Maledict
  3. Paralyzing casks
  4. Maledict
  5. Paralyzing casks
  6. Maledict
  7. Paralyzing casks
  8. Maledict
  9. Death Ward
  10. Voodoo Restoration
  11. and rest for Death Ward, Voodoo Restoration and +Stat

Starting Game Item

Urn Of Shadows - Make this item first if you get Witch Doctor via random or if you
pick he manually, still make this item first because it give mana regen and some
HP when making kills. Also, this item needed to make kills to at early game.
Arcane Boots - Next complete this boots for mana purpose to spam skills.

Next Witch Doctor Item Build

Lothar's Edge - This item is important for Witch Doctor for running away if been attacked. Also it is more needed when using Witch Doctor ultimate skill Death Ward.
Aghanim's Scepter - This is another must buy item for Witch Doctor because of it will increase the Death Ward skills from single attack wave into triple attack wave.
Dagon - This item is best to use in early and middle game. It is expensive item but still giving best combo technique only for single killing hero.

How To Play Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor is simple hero to use. For start, for making killing at earlier of the game, it need two skills which is Paralyzing Casks and Maledict. Firsly stun enemy with Paralyzing Casks and then use Maledict on enemy. After that attack that enemy affected by Maledict to add more damage on it when explode. If have ultimate skill, Death Ward then use it on enemy affected by Maledict.

When already complete Lothar's Edge, use Death Ward first and then use the Lothar's Edge for invisible. Enemy can't attack Witch Doctor by using this trick. Use this method in any situation even fight 1 vs 1. The important skills of Witch Doctor is the Maledict because more damage can be done from it.

If you choose to build Dagon first, use Maledict on enemy then directly use Dagon on it. Just wait 12 seconds and enemy will die because Dagon damage plus Maledict will cause more than 1400 damage.

When in the middle of the war, just use Paralyzing Casks + Maledict to nearest heroes + Death Ward + Lothar's Edge. If you already have Aghanim's Scepter, Death Ward will make 3 attack waves and definitely can easily making kills.