Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dota 2 Monkey King Guide

monkey king dota 2


Monkey King such a powerful hero at started of the games because of his passive skill (Jingu Mastery). He can take down enemies easily with his passive buff even at level 1. We are talking about Turbo Mode here so kill and kill to get stronger fast and take control over the games. 

Skills And Abilities Build


Skill 1 - Boundless Strike
Skill 2 - Tree Dance
Skill 3 - Jingu Mastery
Ultimate Skill - Wukong's Command

Focusing on max out his Skill 3 (Jingu Mastery) and Skill 1 (Boundless Strike) for maximum damage boost. Which mean his Ultimate Skill (Wukong's Command) will be started to level up and able to use when Monkey King reach level 9.

Hero Talents:
Hero level 10 - +20 Attack Speed
Hero level 15 - +75 Jingu Mastery Damage
Hero level 20 - +50% Boundless Strike Crit
Hero level 25 - +1 Wukong's Command Ring or +100 Armor Wukong's Command

Monkey King Item Build


Stout Shield - Most important item in early games for some damage reduction
Tango - Stay longer in lane
Magic Stick - its help to recover your HP and Mana when needed
Cloak - choose this if enemies using more than 3 magic (INT) heroes

Core Game Items


Phase Boots - help to chasing enemies and increase damage at early games
Echo Sabre - straightly build this item which help to proc Jingu Mastery faster and slowing enemies
Monkey King Bar - buy this if there any high evasion enemies such as Phantom Assassin or Riki.
Battle Fury - buy this if there any Manta Style user or enemy like Phantom Lancer. Still, this item so good in fighting more than one enemies.
Skull Basher / Abyssal Blade - stun enemies for stacking up Jingu Mastery and help a lot in fighting enemies that are super strong like Sven, evasion enemies like Phantom Assassin and Riki
Butterfly - this boost up attack speed, damage and the most important is evasion. Help you a lot when get caught by Legion Commander ultimate skill (Duel)
Heart Of Tarrasque - an important item to be tank a bit while fighting plus the HP regeneration help a lot in staying longer in lane

How To Play Monkey King

Jingu Mastery + Boundless Strike
Using normal hit for 4 times to proc the passive buff and then using Boundless Strike to enemies which will make the damage increased and see how hard enemies need to swallow those damage. Using this method at early games to harass them from farming, plus kill them easily if they so stubborn to fight with Monkey King.

When many units are being hit by Boundless Strike, its easily to restore your HP in huge amount (usually this method help me getting 100% HP back) because of the passive buff 60% lifesteal and it just using only 1 charge of Jingu Mastery.

Boundless Strike + Wukong's Command
Stun enemies and straight using Monkey King ultimate skill much better because Wukong's Command has some casting animation delay when activated.

The clones still can copies some of Monkey King items, which Echo Sabre do help a lot here to slow down enemies. Clones attack speed is locked at 1.4 second of each attack.

In my play style, I do depends so much on Monkey King passive buff (Jingu Mastery) because the buff lifesteal and damage bonus are so awesome which make Monkey King so hard to kill. I don't really bother to use Mischief and Tree Dance skills.