Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Huskar Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build - Huskar (Sacred Warrior)

Huskar is the best Dota Hero for killing. Got powerful skills to kill enemy and yet there are still must be consider when using Huskar. Huskar skills mostly using HP rather than MP. So that Huskar cast skills to kill enemy but in the same times need to be carefull too of Huskar health.

Skill Build

  1. Burning Spears
  2. Berserker Blood
  3. Burning Spears
  4. Berserker Blood
  5. Burning Spears
  6. Life Break
  7. Berserker Blood
  8. Berserker Blood
  9. Inner Vitality
  10. Life Break
  11. Inner Vitality
  12. Inner Vitality
  13. Inner Vitality
  14. Stat
  15. Stat
  16. Life Break
  17. and later just all stats

Starting Game Items

As starting, using this Ancient Tango plus Bracer for farming and killing enemy.
Both of this item just to added Huskar an extra HP and attack, plus giving HP backup.

Next Huskar Item Build

When this Phase Boots already complete, Huskar can kill enemy heroes easily and thus makes Huskar can leveling and earning extra gold fast. Do Phase Boots first and then complete the Hood of Defiance.
Hood of Defiance will protect you from dying after doing Ulti skill - Life Break.
Aghanim Scepter is important for the ulti skill - Life Break.

Next Additional Huskar Item Build 

For defend option, it is best to use this :
Poor Man Shield
Nathrezim Buckler
Assault Cuirass
Just change from one to another if get enough money.

Linken Sphere is best to block any spells every 20 seconds.
Great to Huskar survive during battle.

Suggestion Huskar Item Build:

This option are best to use for the middle game and already can doing

How To Play Huskar

Huskar is simple and easy to use but need to carefull about the HP.
But to play Huskar to killing an enemy heroes is simple with just using 2 skills that is
Life Breaker and Burning Spears.

Firstly activate auto-casting Burning Spears.
Then use Life Breaker to enemy
When Life Breaker hit an enemy just do normal attack

That Burning Spears will damage enemy and if enemy going
so far use Phase Boots to chase it and resume attacking using auto-casting
Burning Spears.