Saturday, June 23, 2012

Juggernaut Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build - Juggernaut (Yurnero)

Juggernaut is the best late game hero. Juggernaut can make kills in any situation. Juggernaut is best when team with slow or stunner hero. But there is some problem with his ultimate skills which cant use it when enemy heroes near creeps. Juggernaut also have a skill that immune to magic that is called Bladefury. It best when use this skill to fight stunner hero.

Skill Build
  1. Bladefury 
  2. Stat
  3. Bladefury
  4. Stat
  5. Bladefury
  6. Omnislash
  7. Bladefury
  8. Stat
  9. Stat
  10. Blade Dance
  11. Omnislash
  12. Blade Dance
  13. Blade Dance
  14. Blade Dance
  15. rest for Stat and Healing Ward

Starting Game Item

Boots Of Speed - The best item to start with for killing purpose which just using Bladefury skill. Sure Juggernaut can make kills at the earlier game.

Ancient Tango - for HP support in the earlier game.

Phase Boot - best to use it when using Bladefury skill when chasing a hero.

Wraith Band - build this item for two in order to getting more attack speed, damage and better for his Omnislash skills.

Next Juggernaut Item Build
 +  = 
Preserverance - then when making kills and good at farming, make this item first.

Battlefury -  for better damage and for farming. This is an important item for Juggernaut.

The Butterfly - this is the most important item for Juggernaut. It is adding make Juggernaut Omnislash more speed and damage.

Aghanim's Scepter - then make this item for Juggernaut for his ultimate skill. Which reduce cooldown and increase more slash of Omnislash skill.

Assault Cuirass - this is another important item for Juggernaut. Adding armor and attack speed.

Heart Of Tarrasque - for make Juggernaut still alive when making more than 3 kills, this item is the best to use on it.

How To Play Juggernaut (Yurnero)

Starting of the game, you already have Boots Of Speed. Just go to hero and using Bladefury skill while chasing the hero. Other things is best to use this skill while blocking the hero walking way like blocking creeps. If the enemy heroes HP are at 50% to 70%, Juggernaut definitely can kill with this technique.

Juggernaut is the simple hero to make a kill at level 6. When you use Bladefury skill, you definitely will chase a hero. When the Bladefury skill have done just use the Omnislash skill on that hero. 100% that hero will die.

Just to be aware of Omnislash skill, dont use that skill when the hero are near to creeps. It will go to creeps not the hero. So use it wisely. When have Aghanim's Scepter, Omnislash skill with have more slashes and only use this skill can make a kill.