Friday, June 15, 2012

Axe Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build - Axe (Mogul Khan)

Axe is the best hero for team tanker and also the best hero for farming. You should know that to make a kill using Axe is only depend on the third skill that is Counter Helix. Axe are best in the middle of huge enemy surround him. Axe also become an important role for pushing in each lane to destroy towers.

 Skill Build
  1. Counter Helix
  2. Berserker's Call
  3. Counter Helix
  4. Berserker's Call
  5. Counter Helix
  6. Culling Blade
  7. Counter Helix
  8. Berserker's Call
  9. Berserker's Call
  10. Stat
  11. Culling Blade
  12. Just all stat and lastly add Battle Hunger

Starting Game Item

At start just use Stout Shield for defend, Quelling Blade for extra damage on creeps and 
Ancient Tango for hp recovery. You can go for two Stout Shield and Ancient Tango.

Next Axe Item Build
Vanguard - this is an important item for Axe for better defense. 
When got this item, they hard to kill Axe.

Phase Boot - after that make this item for extra speed to chase enemies. You don't have enough money yet to buy Kelen's Dagger so this is the best option for start.

Kelen's Dagger - when reach enough money by killing heroes and farm, start make this item for Axe because this is an important item for him.

Blade Mail -  for better defensive item for him when surrounded by enemy. Plus, giving an extra 22 damage and 5 armor.

Next Additional Axe Item Build

Assault Cuirass - next complete this item for Axe getting more tougher with extra attack speed and armor.

Radiance - this is the best option for Axe more powerful in damaging which adding 60 damage.

Heart Of Tarrasque -  this is the most better item for Axe getting much power with the damage and some additional HP to make Axe live longer in battle.

How To Play Axe (Mogul Khan)

Axe depending on his skill that called Counter Helix to make a kill or farm. You need to be surrounded by enemy to make this skills active. It is simple to farm or kill with two combinations of skills. By using Berserker's Call with many enemy around Axe. Then the Counter Helix will active.

When already have Kelen's Dagger, just blink around enemy that have creeps or more than one enemy to make kills. But after blink dont forget to use Berserker's Call skill and then use Blademail.

When the enemy hero HP below 300, use Axe ultimate skill Culling Blade. Depending on Axe ultimate skill level which every level, it will directly kill enemy when enemy hero HP low than 300 for lvl1, 450 for lvl 2 and 625 for lvl 3.